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qi therapy


Living from the inside out, unfettered by the limitations of the past, is a vehicle for health and wellbeing.

Create a mindset of wellbeing and cultivate the essential ingredients for a healthy life. 

Trust yourself. Your consciousness is more flexible and powerful than you imagine.


  • The foundation for good health is a vibrant, bright and healthy state of human Qi.

Ancient Chinese discovered that Qi circulates within our bodies through a system of channels that reach well beyond our skin. Smooth and free flowing Qi and an abundance of specialised Qi in all body systems are the major ingredients of vibrant health.  Pure and bright Qi indicates good health.


  • What Is Qi?

Qi makes us alive. So, in many cultures it translates as 'life energy'. But 'energy' is just one of the many forms in which Qi exists.  Our bodies and consciousnesses are different forms of Qi.


Known to them for thousands of years, ancient Chinese thought that Qi was the basic building block of everything in the universe. Every physical object is made-up of Qi. All non-physical realms are also forms Qi. Most importantly, physical and non-physical Qi can transform from one into the other and they do so with or without our awareness. 


Modern technology can detect the traces left by Qi in space and time but not the Qi itself.  And yet it is there, everywhere, always present. How do we know this? Our minds possess innate abilities to feel, observe and direct the movement and transformation of Qi-energy. These abilities allowed ancient Chinese to know Qi. They realised that we could consciously initiate changes in the realm of Qi both inside and outside our bodies... if we choose to do so.


  • What Is Qi Therapy?

Yi-Qi therapy is a method of healing that uses the consciousness (Yi) to activate Qi and produce positive changes deep inside the body. We can use the natural ability of our minds to initiate changes in the realm of Qi to heal ourselves, other humans, animals, plants, and the Earth.


  • What Can Qi Therapy Do?

Qi therapy is a win-win healing modality. It can reach deep inside the body to the organs, tissues, cells, nucleus, genes and beyond. It can go as far as our consciousness can go.  


Qi therapy release stress and transform unhealthy Qi into healthy Qi. 


Modern science is increasingly interested in the ancient concepts of Qi and Qi therapy. In his book Life Force: The Scientific Basis (2009) Claude Swanson looks closely at this powerful yet not well known natural force that can act on objects from a distance and can be transformed by information transmitted by the mind. What puzzles scientists most is that Qi defies many of the known laws of physics and is unlike any of the physical forces currently known.  


'what we get depends on what we are, and what we are depends on what  we think

                                                                                                         ---venice bloodworth


 creative motion 

                                                                                                             Ren Xue® ambassador

                                                                                                                                            we change the world by changing ourselves

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