learning advanced life skills

    We gain qualifications in many professional areas but nowhere are we taught how to manage ourselves in order to live healthy and happy lives.
Learn an advanced set of skills to manage your life.

This learning is unlike any other, it builds the foundation of your success elsewhere.

The classes are designed to open the minds and the hearts.

The teaching covers the essential of healthy life, such as: 

  • Natural and safe exercises for health improvement  

  • Stress release 

  • Understanding better the causes of your problems 

  • Learning how to become the master of your life

  • ...and much more


As a certified Qigong master, instructor and therapist, I take great proud to teach on the basis of long learning and self-training. The science of Qi empowers thousands of people to overcome pain and suffering and take their destiny in their own hands. 


One-on-one sessions: By appointment

Classes: Six students per class

Workshops on selected topics

Presentations on site


Teach with true understanding             Touch people with virtues                 Earn trust with true abilities


                                                                                                   --- From the Five Fundamental Principles of Ren Xue


 creative motion 

                                                                                                             Ren Xue® ambassador

                                                                                                                                            we change the world by changing ourselves