about me 


I am Violetta.

I am a curious person and I always wanted to know

more about human life and consciousness. How did

they come into being? How do they work? We were

told at school that life has emerged almost by chance,

from a single living cell lost somewhere in the vast ocean.

What 'by chance' actually meant was and still is a matter

of debate. 


My questions were more than the answers provided and

my passion for answers never dried up. I was fascinated

with the science of biology and cosmology but I also loved

literature, films, and sports. Being eighteen years old and

with a rather strange combination of interests, I ended up

in the Department of Literature at Sofia State University

in Bulgaria. 


My path has been varied and diverse ever since. With degrees

in  literature, linguistics and philosophy, and a PhD in film studies,

I have had careers as a film critic, newspaper editor, columnist, writer, and university lecturer. As diverse as these experiences might seem, they invariably forced me to face the same issue of how the creative mind works. Where does our ingenuity and resourcefulness come from? What is the driving force behind talent? Why do some people create with ease and others struggle over small tasks? Nature has equipped all of us with unlimited potential but why do we know so little about it? Why are we unable to use all of our abilities for greater benefit? To understand better the role of consciousness in the creative process I studied psychoanalysis. In my book, The Shadow of Laius (2003) I looked for answers from the perspective of culture and visual arts. Yet, none of my qualifications and studies provided convincing answers to my questions.  There was still something missing.


When I was introduce to Yuan Tze Ren Xue...

I realised I was dealing with the first science in history that drew together all aspects of human life into a meaningful whole. Founded by the life teacher and master of self-cultivation Yuan Tze, Ren Xue is a profoundly holistic science of the laws of human life. The burning question at its core was the burning question underlying all my search: What is the meaning and purpose of human life?


I have been studying  Ren Xue with Yuan Tze for more than ten years. Unlike other life teachings, Yuan Tze Ren Xue is an in-depth science that reaches the very foundation of life. It is a set of theories and tools for applying the laws of life for our benefit. Holism is not a concept within Ren Xue, it is its essence. The holistic perspective shapes Ren Xue theories, undelies its methods of life improvement, and is the indispensable principle of the Ren Xue healthcare project. Thousands of people have been able to overcome suffering and pain by applying Ren Xue to their lives. It is a system of life improvement that gives us the necessary knowledge and tools to live healthy, happy and joyful lives. Isn't it the greatest dream of every human being?  


Less unanswered questions... 

The holistic foundation of Ren Xue illuminates the relationships between our abilities, talents, mental capacities and physical condition. Things that have long been seen as separate aspects of life have come together in a meaningful whole. What I've learned elsewhere was useful but not enough to understand the laws of consciousness and the human mind. With the theories of Qi, consciousness and totality at its foundation, Ren Xue makes it possible to attune our lives to the universal holistic laws. In other words, we are shown a way to take our destiny into our own hands. And this is not just wishful thinking. It is what Ren Xue is about. 


Yuan Tze began teaching about eleven years ago in a small learning and training centre, in Wellington, New Zealand. Today Ren Xue is an worldwide network of centres and teachers. Invisibly connected across space, all members 

of Ren Xue community silently change the world by changing themselves. It is an honour and privilege to be part of what might well be the beginning of a very meaningful and significant culture shift in modern history. 


How I healed myself is an amazing and miraculous story

As a child I suffered from severe rheumatic fever with several life-threatening outbursts that caused serious damage to my heart. Since then my heart condition has been kept under control but without any prospect for healing. As I got older, it seemed that the only option was surgical intervention. 


It took me some time to realise that Ren Xue has a solution to my problem. Yuan Ming Medicine and Yi-Qi therapy, as well as Yuan Gong (the unique Qigong training and healing system created by Yuan Tze) are essential parts of Ren Xue. Complementing each other, the Yi-Qi therapy and Yuan Gong methods have a capacity to impact the root causes of unhealthy conditions and are very effective and safe tools for healing and preventing illness.  


My advancement in Ren Xue, combined with daily Qigong practice has turned out to be a journey of healing. The tormenting physical condition gradually lost its grip. How did it happen? I was studying Ren Xue theories and doing Yuan Gong exercises on a daily basis. I learned how to apply Yi-Qi therapy to myself. I did all this on top of what I would normally do each day. Was this an additional burden? No, because I noticed rapid improvements in my health that inspired me to go on. I was regaining my health without going through painful and crippling surgical interventions. The learning,  the healing and the training were natural, joyful, and deeply rewarding experiences.


The internal improvements accumulated fast and my whole life began to change for the better. My mind became calmer and more productive. I slept well, my energy levels continually improved, and I experienced a new sense of wellbeing.  It has been years since I have taken medication or even painkillers. I forgot when was the last time I caught a cold or flu. When I see a doctor for occasional check-ups, they just confirm my deep feeling that I am now a healthy person. No matter what I do it is a joyful play rather than a tiring obligation. New ideas, projects and creative solutions continuously flowed. I could complete tasks more efficiently and effectively. These are unique and wondrous gifts that Ren Xue generously offers to all of us, who trust it. And this is only the beginning.


This illuminating personal experience helped me to realise how difficult it is to improve any area of life without understanding that life is a totality and real change of life is possible only with reagard to this law.  


Our wellbeing and creativity depend on the condition of our health as much as our health depends on our wellbeing and creativity.  And what is underlying all this is the condition of our Qi. Yuan Gong methods provide us with powerful tools to continuously improve the condition of our Qi. I have never regretted the time I have invested in my daily practice. What I have gained goes beyond my expectations: joy coming from within, stable health, a clear and stronger mind, a life free of stress, high energy levels, a strong sense of wellbeing, creative powers flowing freely, and above all, an opportunity to change my destiny. I am adding real values to my life, every day. 


Changing destiny...

is more challenging than just healing a physical condition, regardless of how serious it might be. Yet, with an understanding of the laws of totality of life, it is possible. We take our destiny in our own hands by building new mental habits and activating the dormant abilities of our consciousness.  Ren Xue is all about how-to-do this. 


The shift...

My decision to set up Creative Motion is a result of the powerful liberating experiences of the last ten years. I want now to devote more of my energy, time and experience to uplifting my life and helping other people improve their lives. There is nothing more beautiful and more inspiring than the spark of joy and hope in the eyes of someone who is on the path of overcoming their suffering and pain and realising that a marvelous sense of wellbeing is within their reach. 


With Ren Xue the old saying 'no pain, no gain' has no power. 

Life is meant to be a happy and joyful journey. There must be joy all the way through. True health has to be gained first and we do it in a light and joyful way, building new habits of being happy, autonomous and free human beings. Unlimited creative powers are our destiny. It is a future waiting for us. It is not a matter of whether; it is a matter of when; when you make the choice.


I know that there are many people desperately looking for ways to take their destinies in their own hands. Creative Motion is a space that provides such an opportunity.


Nothing happens 'by chance' in our lives. We are not products of our circumstances. We are products of our decisions and choices. It is not by chance that you are reading this website now.  You are very welcome to join the worldwide Ren Xue community.

I am Ren Xue ambassador

pins on my wall

A path is made by walking.    

      ---Chuang Tze and Antonio Machado 


Everything we've ever wanted is on the other side of fear.  

                        ---George Addair

Evolution works through profusion and selection. 'Many are called, few are chosen.' Who are the 'chosen ones'? Not the brilliant minds but the brilliant hearts. Because only a brilliant heart can open the true excellence of the mind.  

      ---Inspired by the writings of                        Joseph Chilton Pearce

Excellence is a matter of habit. Habits are extensions of our beliefs. Beliefs are thought patterns. Therefore, excellence, as well as trust, love, openness, gratitude and respect have thier origin in a single, pure and powerful thought.

            ---Inspired by Aristotle,                              Mahatma Ghandi, and Yuan Tze

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. 

                                    ---Albert Einstein 

Our identity is seamlessly interwoven in the fabric of the universe       

             ---Inspired by Yuan Tze


The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.  

                         ---Ralf Waldo Emerson

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