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Health is more than  absence of illness.

Wellbeing is about building the right life skills.  

Talent is a mystery unless you know its sources.

Talent Doctor


Many tried to find the ingredients of talent and genius. 

Talent is a garden. It needs organic boost.

You will be surprised to learn how much your creative abilities depend on your health condition. To unleash creativity we need to remove the obstacles. So, healing comes first.


Qi Therapy

Safe and effective therapy that help to get rid of pain, increase energy level and empowers the consciousness. You will sleep better, feel energised and your mind work is more efficient.


Yuan Gong is a form of Qi self-therapy.

Learn a state-of-art qigong system that helps thousands to get healthier. By working on the flow of energy in the body, this set of exercises builds the foundation of physical, emotional and mental health.

All the above is about

Learning advanced life skills

  • You learn how to manage healthy living 

  • You become a captain of your life, not a captive of your circumstances

  • You chose to be part of a positive culture shift that takes place now

 life is meant to be a joyful journey


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